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Let us manage your property visuals, marketing strategy, branding, and lead management
while you focus on closing deals using our all-in-one software.

Capture the essence of your property with BuilderPe's exclusive services, with a team of certified drone pilots and expert photographers, AI videos, video editors, and designers.

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Take Off with Tailored BuilderPe Software for Maximum Impact

Drive sales to new heights, ensuring a seamless path to increased revenue.


Sales CRM

Close more deals faster and simplify your sales workflow with our Sales CRM.
Manage Leads Effectively
Agent Collaboration Management
Enhance listings with Listing Control
Task Management
Maintain inventory with live updates
Workflow Automation
Hassle-free Deal Management
Dialer Tools Reports and Dashboard

Digital Marketing Software

Take control of your online presence with our powerful Digital Marketing software.
Establish Your Website for Online Visibility and Success
Utilize SEO Tools for Effortless Visibility Boost
Optimise with Page Grader to Enhance Page Performance
Craft and Post Engaging Social Content with Social Composer
Engage Customers Instantly with a Website Chat Bot

Communication Software

Communicate effectively and close deals effortlessly
Boost collaboration with seamless conferencing
Enhance customer engagement with an intelligent WhatsApp Bot
Optimize communication with PBX service efficiency

Host Virtual Open House with BuilderPe

Change how buyers experience real estate with online open houses. Flexible scheduling, live chats, and immersive 3D tours.
Go global, connect with serious homebuyers, and break barriers for convenient home exploration and lead generation.
Save time and resources by minimizing physical visits, fostering a mutually beneficial scenario for both builders and buyers.

Boost Your Sales with Group Buy

Drive sales growth by engaging a group of eager buyers simultaneously through Group Buy.
Broaden visibility for group purchase opportunities by advertising on various platforms with less marketing costs.
Maximize revenue by shortening sales cycles and fund the projects for quick completion & delivery.

Why Choose BuilderPe

Discover a unified solution – all-in-one software and managed services offer a convenient platform to meet your diverse business requirements.

  1. 1

    All-in-One Software Tailored Exclusively for Builders

    Committed to real estate success, BuilderPe offers custom software with a lightning-fast website, marketing automation, and Communication for successful sales growth.

  2. 2

    Managed Services for Builders with 3D & VR Tours

    Access superior virtual shoots, digital marketing, Communication channels and 3D/VR tours with our comprehensive suite of managed services.

  3. 3

    Get Leads from India’s First 3D Visual Portal

    Capture leads directly from the GharPe property portal, engaging buyers with unique 3D property features and visually appealing content.


Our product inspires trust and earns accolades from builders

    • BuilderPe goes beyond just showing us leads from various campaigns. It boosts our pre-sales team's efficiency and empowers the sales team to track pre-sales activities, leading to increased site visits. Everything is seamlessly managed in one place.

      — Sanvi Infra Developers, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's Visual Team delivered an outstanding drone video for Canny's Forest Edge. The aerial views beautifully captured our property, enhancing our marketing efforts and attracting interested buyers. Kudos to the Visual Team for their excellent work!

      — Canny's Forest Edge, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's campaign reporting offered valuable insights into our marketing efforts. With a notable success ratio, our overall sales performance has seen a significant boost.

      — RK Oxygen Valley, Hyderabad

We’ve got a plan that’s perfect for you

Everything you need to accelerate your sales

Lead Management

  • Add leads manually
  • Import leads effortlessly
  • Integrate leads from the GharPe Portal
  • Connect leads from other portals
  • Capture leads from social media
  • Streamline IVR integration
  • Directly capture leads from websites

Task Management

  • Scoring
  • Lead distribution


  • Workflow Automation
  • Flows
  • Automation

Deal management

Listing management

  • Gharpe
  • Other portals

Inventory management

  • Projects
  • Blocks
  • units


  • Single Dialer from the console

Contact Management

  • Create Contacts
  • Import Contacts

Comprehensive Reports and Dashboard

  • Detailed Leads Report by Date
  • Customizable Leads report by Sales Executive
  • Segmentation of Leads by source
  • Clear Visibility into Leads by CPs (Channel Partners)
  • Real-time Availability of Units by Project
  • Easy Monitoring of Held Units by Project
  • Track Sold Units by Project


  • Conferencing


  • Website templates
  • Live chatbot
  • Social composer
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
  • Social streams
    • Aggregated social media streams
  • Campaigns
    • SMS campaigns
    • WhatsApp campaigns
    • Email campaigns
    • Call campaigns


  • AI video creation with Photos
  • AI content creation


  • Create Users


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