BuilderPe Communication Services

Improve customer engagement with the custom communication services of Builderpe. Smooth set-up integration and increased customer experience with tailored services for real estate.

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BuilderPe Communication Services
IVR Set Up

IVR Set Up

Let your customers experience convenient communication with BuilderPe's IVR systems. Our expertise ensures customized IVR systems for real estate.
Tailoring menu and sub-menu levels
Creating voice greetings
Managing call recordings
Receiving customer alerts
Enabling call forwarding

Professional Email Inbox Set Up

Organize your work-related emails effortlessly with a professional email inbox. Easily set up for streamlined communication in a business context.
Upgrade your real estate business with BuilderPe's Email support
Professional email and inbox setup for improved brand value
Enhanced security measures
Acquire and set up professional email services


Our product inspires trust and earns accolades from builders

    • BuilderPe goes beyond just showing us leads from various campaigns. It boosts our pre-sales team's efficiency and empowers the sales team to track pre-sales activities, leading to increased site visits. Everything is seamlessly managed in one place.

      — Sanvi Infra Developers, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's Visual Team delivered an outstanding drone video for Canny's Forest Edge. The aerial views beautifully captured our property, enhancing our marketing efforts and attracting interested buyers. Kudos to the Visual Team for their excellent work!

      — Canny's Forest Edge, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's campaign reporting offered valuable insights into our marketing efforts. With a notable success ratio, our overall sales performance has seen a significant boost.

      — RK Oxygen Valley, Hyderabad

Why Choose BuilderPe Communication Services?

  • Ease of Use : User-friendly interfaces for easy setup and management.
  • Affordability : Competitive pricing for cost-effective solutions.
  • Security : Prioritizes email security with spam and virus protection.
  • Customer Support : Access to support for assistance with any issues or questions.

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