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Enhance your sales operations with dedicated software, which serves as a central repository for managing customer relationships, leads, project listings, inventory, tasks, agents and sales data.

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Sales CRM
BuilderPe's Lead Management

Manage Leads Effectively

Add leads manually and automatically from diverse channels
Categorize leads based on priority for targeted outreach
Evaluate and prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert
Schedule and execute automated follow-up communications
Monitor leads as they progress through the sales pipeline
Seamlessly integrate with other tools and systems
Manage leads on the go with mobile-friendly interfaces

Agent Collaboration Management

Add Agents for collaboration
Assign Projects to Agents
Approve Agent Collaboration Requests
Track Agent Leads & Performace
BuilderPe's Listing Control
BuilderPe's Listing Control

Enhance listings with Listing Control

Simplify listings management by seamlessly integrating our CRM, streamlining your digital presence across multiple portals.
Centralized Listing Management
Seamless Data Synchronization
Enhanced Real Estate Presence
Manage with Efficiency

Task Management

Manage lead scoring and distribution tasks
Assign points to identify the most promising leads

Allocate leads based on scores for effective follow-up actions

BuilderPe's Task Optimization
BuilderPe's Software

Maintain inventory with live updates

Keep project details current, including blocks, floors, and units
Track and update information on available, reserved and sold units
Prevent double bookings with real-time updates to the inventory

Easy Cadence Process

Establish a regular schedule for lead outreach, incorporating emails, calls, and nurturing activities.
Automate sequences with personalized emails and follow-up calls
Design a logical sequence for a smooth and efficient workflow
Implement flows for productivity and reduce manual effort.
Easy Cadence Process
BuilderPe's Deal Handling

Hassle-free Deal Management

Improve CRM functionality for seamless revenue forecasting and deal monitoring, offering key insights for analyzing sales performance and predicting future revenue.
Systematic Deal Tracking
Data-Driven Insights
Enhanced Revenue Forecasting
Improved Deal Management

Dialer Tools

Technology solutions for automating outbound calling processes
Designed to enhance productivity & efficiency
Offer Manual Dialing facility
Dialer Tools


Gain insights with our CRM's diverse reports for
Detailed Leads Report by Date
Customizable Leads Report by Sales Executive
Segmentation of Leads by Source
Clear Visibility into Leads by Channel Partners
Real-time Availability of Units by Project
Easy Monitoring of Held Units by Project
Track Sold Units by Project


Our product inspires trust and earns accolades from builders

    • BuilderPe goes beyond just showing us leads from various campaigns. It boosts our pre-sales team's efficiency and empowers the sales team to track pre-sales activities, leading to increased site visits. Everything is seamlessly managed in one place.

      — Sanvi Infra Developers, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's Visual Team delivered an outstanding drone video for Canny's Forest Edge. The aerial views beautifully captured our property, enhancing our marketing efforts and attracting interested buyers. Kudos to the Visual Team for their excellent work!

      — Canny's Forest Edge, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's campaign reporting offered valuable insights into our marketing efforts. With a notable success ratio, our overall sales performance has seen a significant boost.

      — RK Oxygen Valley, Hyderabad

Why Choose BuilderPe Sales CRM?

  • Ensures a smooth and efficient sales process, streamlining your workflow.
  • Tailor our CRM to fit your unique needs, providing customizable solutions for your business.
  • Benefit from thorough lead management capabilities, helping you nurture and convert leads effectively.
  • Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for your team to navigate and utilize the CRM efficiently.

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