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BuilderPe’s excellent features
Build a Fast & Mobile Friendly Website

Build a Fast & Mobile Friendly Website

Free property website templates
Mobile-friendly design
Swift CDN speed
Fortified hosting for reliability
SSL encryption for security
Seamless domain registration
Google Tag Manager
Interactive WhatsApp bot

Outreach Campaigns

Ignite Success with Our Custom Campaigns.
Tailored SMS outreach
Personalized WhatsApp messaging
Customized Email outreach
Exclusive Call Blast Campaigns
Outreach Campaigns
Efficient Social Media Management

Efficient Social Media Management

Optimize Results with Our Social Media Management.
One-click posting to multiple Social Platforms
Craft irresistible content using AI

Propel your brand organically on

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Social Streams

Embrace the Power of Social Streams.
Monitor all social media channels from BuilderPe
Track buyer engagement & interact with each page
Respond to comments directly on pages from the dashboard
Compare metrics to identify top-performing channels
Social Streams for Brand Monitoring
Video Creation

AI Video Creation

Create videos using AI technology from the BuilderPe Platform.
Harness AI on BuilderPe for easy video creation
Boost creativity with advanced, user-friendly tools
Experience seamless video production on BuilderPe


Our product inspires trust and earns accolades from builders

    • BuilderPe goes beyond just showing us leads from various campaigns. It boosts our pre-sales team's efficiency and empowers the sales team to track pre-sales activities, leading to increased site visits. Everything is seamlessly managed in one place.

      — Sanvi Infra Developers, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's Visual Team delivered an outstanding drone video for Canny's Forest Edge. The aerial views beautifully captured our property, enhancing our marketing efforts and attracting interested buyers. Kudos to the Visual Team for their excellent work!

      — Canny's Forest Edge, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's campaign reporting offered valuable insights into our marketing efforts. With a notable success ratio, our overall sales performance has seen a significant boost.

      — RK Oxygen Valley, Hyderabad

Why Choose BuilderPe Marketing Software?

  • Marketing Automation: Manage Emails, SMS, and WhatsApp within a single software.
  • Effortless Social Media Posting: Save time with one-click posting across all social media channels for instant outreach.
  • AI-Powered Content and Video Creation: Experience creative content and video creation using artificial intelligence.
  • Centralized Monitoring with Social Streams: Monitor all activities from a single point, with Social Streams.

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