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Lead Management

  • Add leads manually
  • Import leads effortlessly
  • Integrate leads from the GharPe Portal
  • Connect leads from other portals
  • Capture leads from social media
  • Streamline IVR integration
  • Directly capture leads from websites

Task Management

  • Scoring
  • Lead distribution


  • Workflow Automation
  • Flows
  • Automation

Deal management

Listing management

  • Gharpe
  • Other portals

Inventory management

  • Projects
  • Blocks
  • units


  • Single Dialer from the console

Contact Management

  • Create Contacts
  • Import Contacts

Comprehensive Reports and Dashboard

  • Detailed Leads Report by Date
  • Customizable Leads report by Sales Executive
  • Segmentation of Leads by source
  • Clear Visibility into Leads by CPs (Channel Partners)
  • Real-time Availability of Units by Project
  • Easy Monitoring of Held Units by Project
  • Track Sold Units by Project


  • Conferencing


  • Website templates
  • Live chatbot
  • Social composer
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
  • Social streams
    • Aggregated social media streams
  • Campaigns
    • SMS campaigns
    • WhatsApp campaigns
    • Email campaigns
    • Call campaigns


  • AI video creation with Photos
  • AI content creation


  • Create Users

Frequently asked questions

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