Host Virtual Open Houses with BuilderPe

Take property marketing to the next level with BuilderPe's virtual open house events. Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating physical open houses and hello to a more efficient and engaging way to reach potential buyers.

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Virtual Open House
Creation and Scheduling

Create a virtual Open House

Simplify virtual open house events with BuilderPe-no complex setup needed.
Choose a date and time that works best for the builder and target audience
Effortlessly create & add Open House events to the GharPe portal, websites etc.

Promote Open House with Integrated Marketing Tools

Amplify virtual open house reach and attract more buyers effortlessly with BuilderPe's integrated marketing tools.
Share links on Social Media platforms to reach a broader audience
Send personalised Email invites to existing contacts for maximum participation
Integrated Marketing Tools
Seamless Conferencing

Connect with potential buyers in real-time

Easy interaction with potential buyers and converting them into paying customers.
Answer customer queries and clear doubts face-to-face & gain clear customer insights
Increase the possibility of closing the sale during a virtual live session


Our product inspires trust and earns accolades from builders

    • BuilderPe goes beyond just showing us leads from various campaigns. It boosts our pre-sales team's efficiency and empowers the sales team to track pre-sales activities, leading to increased site visits. Everything is seamlessly managed in one place.

      — Sanvi Infra Developers, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's Visual Team delivered an outstanding drone video for Canny's Forest Edge. The aerial views beautifully captured our property, enhancing our marketing efforts and attracting interested buyers. Kudos to the Visual Team for their excellent work!

      — Canny's Forest Edge, Hyderabad
    • BuilderPe's campaign reporting offered valuable insights into our marketing efforts. With a notable success ratio, our overall sales performance has seen a significant boost.

      — RK Oxygen Valley, Hyderabad

Maximise Buyer Engagement with BuilderPe Open House

  • Engage multiple customers simultaneously, saving time and costs
  • Reduce buyers' physical effort by providing project details from the comfort of their homes
  • Assess buyer intent during interactions to design personalised follow-up strategies
  • Engage a large number of buyers efficiently through a single open-house event
  • Provide an engaging and immersive experience for a quick and easy decision-making process

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